Saturday, September 19, 2009

Joannie Liss Featured on National TV Show

Joannie Liss Events Showcases Destination Wedding Trends on Get Married’s National Television Show

Brides and wedding professionals to see the latest trends in wedding planning

SAN FRANCISCO, September 19, 2009 - Joannie Liss Events, a San Francisco based event planning company, debuted on Get Married’s national television series on September 14, 2009. Get Married, a leading tri-media wedding resource with platforms on TV, online and in print, airs its show on Lifetime weekday mornings at 7:30am ET/PT and posts daily on after each broadcast.

Joannie Liss Events was featured on Get Married’s destination wedding themed episode offering brides an inside look into the exotic world of faraway nuptials.

In Get Married’s television program, Liss discusses two of her favorite weddings where she helped two sisters say “I Do” within months of each other. Both destination weddings were unique, showcasing consistent themes and luxury designs that are a signature of Joannie Liss Events. The segment allowed Liss to showcase her unique vision and contemporary planning style as she describes her experiences planning two distinct weddings for the same family.

“It was such a fun and wonderful experience to discuss and relive these two very different, yet beautiful events with Get Married,” said Joannie Liss, owner and visionary of Joannie Liss Events. “I am honored that Get Married chose these weddings to showcase on their wedding program for all brides to be inspired by.”

To see Joannie Liss Events on Get Married:

About Joannie Liss Events

As a native San Franciscan, Joannie Liss shares her insider's view of this unparalleled city and creates exciting and memorable events. With more than twenty-five years of event planning experience, she has built an extensive network of the most reliable resources and vendors, which allow her to showcase and suggest unique event options. Joannie brings with her a superb aesthetic vision, an eye for detail, and a great passion for her work.

Contact: Joannie Liss Events, Joannie Liss, 415.775.2020,

About Get Married
Get Married Media is a tri-media wedding platform – on TV, online and in print – that inspires passionate brides to enjoy planning every moment of their celebration. Whether you watch, read or surf, Get Married makes wedding planning a piece of cake.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

6 Quick Tips for a Killer Corporate Event

Want to plan a killer corporate event? Here are 6 quick tips to get you started.

1. Good music is a must. While your event is not supposed to be a rock concert or a dance party, elevator music is still going to kill the mood. Choose something appropriate for the attending demographic and pay attention to volume levels (not too loud, not too soft.)

2. Have a bar that is accessible in different locations, so as not to have too many lines. Plan the bar layout in such a way that encourages a smooth flow of traffic.

3. Location is crucial. Select a good funky site, maybe more unusual than a hotel. Great lighting is equally important, as it literally sets the tone of the room.

4. Consider adding additional entertainment (other than music), like unusual dancers on squares, or other things to create excitement.

5. Finger food is important. If there is drinking involved, snacks should be available to prevent guests from imbibing on empty stomaches (even if dinner is being served later.) It also gives people something to do, when they're not chatting/networking.

6. Think about creating an environment, not just setting up a room. Lounge furniture is great for this purpose and is much more fun than round tables and folding chairs. A hip and sophisticated lounge/club atmosphere is what’s happening right now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mixx Company with Dee Dee at Broadway Grill

For those of you in or near the bay area, here's an event to put on your calendar. Mixx Company, renowned wedding and dance band will be performing with diva extraordinaire, Dee Johnson, this Thursday at Broadway Grill in Burlingame from 7-9pm.

Broadway Grill has become well known for their live music and great food. This Thursday Dee Dee will be singing soulful favorites like "R-E-S-P-E-C-T", "Think", and more. Put on your dancing shoes and check it out! Be sure to call the restaurant for a reservation at 650-343-9333 and mention that you are coming to check out Mixx Company.

If you dig Mixx Company and Dee Dee (or live music in general) you can also check them out every Tuesday at L'Olivier.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Listen up brides and grooms. There are some simple mistakes that I see people make over and over. Let's go ahead and discuss those right now so that you can avoid doing the same!

- Time Line

The flow of your wedding day is VERY important and, somewhat surprisingly, it is commonly overlooked. Have a good time line! You don't want your guests looking at their watches, wondering when it's time for dinner. Let your wedding planner come up with a realistic and smooth time line for the day of and schedule everything accordingly.

Psst... It's also helpful to come up with a long term wedding planning time line starting a year or more before the event.

- Wedding band

Often times the wedding band will take a break right when the dance floor is getting full. This is a huge mistake! Your band should be flexible and willing to move their break if necessary. OR have a good DJ or an upbeat playlist ready to go! You want to keep the energy high and the guests entertained.

- Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation is not just a save the date notification. Or directions. It is a piece of art, a scrapbook item, a tangible memory from this special period of your life. Don't take it lightly. I can't tell you how many times I've seen wedding invitations where the wording is incorrect. Or there are typos. Or the spacing is off.

Don't be silly. Proofread those puppies over and over. Or, better yet, let your planner handle it for you. At Joannie Liss Events we take great care in wording the invitations properly, perfecting the details and achieving the look and feel you want.

- Menu

Lots of times the menu selection isn’t quite right. Think ahead! Will there be guests with special dietary needs? Have all the items on the menu been sampled and approved? There was a wedding I heard about recently where the entrĂ©e was so spicy that most of the guests couldn’t eat it!

- Weather

Sometimes brides want an outdoor wedding so badly that they don’t take into consideration the weather and what surprises it might bring. If guests are eating outside and it’s cold that is all they will remember. Trust me. Or, if you are getting married outdoors in Napa for example, and the problem is excessive heat, it’s a big mistake not to have an awning or umbrellas available. The physical comfort of your guests is paramount.

- Rentals

If you order rentals, count them. Oftentimes, they will deliver an incorrect amount and you don't want to be held accountable after the fact if it was their fault.

- Vendors

Vendors need to work together to make the wedding seamless. This is another piece that a planner can be super helpful with. If you select all your own vendors, they likely will not be communicating with one another and could easily miss details. Much better to have someone running point on vendor coordination.

These are all good reasons to hire a wedding planner or consultant. It is a wise investment to be sure.

So plan away folks but PLEASE try to avoid these oh-so-common mistakes!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do I Really Need an Event Planner?

The single most common question I get asked as an event planner is "Do I really need an event planner?"

Clients wonder whether or not they can plan their own wedding or event. Is it really necessary to have a planner? While there are always a few exceptions to the rule, overall the answer is a resounding YES! And here's why:

- Site Selection: Choosing the right venue or location can make or break an event. Just because you think having a wedding on a farm sounds fun and different, doesn't mean that that's the experience you'll actually have. An event planner can find unique sites that fit each client’s specific needs. We have fabulous vendors that have been researched ad nauseum and are the cream of the crop. It's much easier to outsource the work on that front.

- No matter how much of a planner you are, you'll most likely be shocked by the thousands of details you have to not only coordinate, but stay on top of. Why spend months agonizing over the minutiae, when you could instead be enjoying the end of one glorious chapter of your life and preparing to enter a new one? Let someone else do the worrying for you.

- Lastly, let's face it. You may get tons of recommendations from friends when it comes to wedding photographers, caterers, tux rentals and the like. But where are you going to find the time to comparison shop and how are you going to make the final decisions? An event planner already has solid relationships with hotels, venues, and vendors, which allow them to get special prices and perks for their clients.

When you use us for example, it’s one stop shopping. Much easier, much more cost-efficient, and way less stressful!

At Joannie Liss Events we want you to “Be a guest at your own party, wedding or any social or corporate occasion."